Perrault Falls home of 150 Lakes, 450,000 Acres, 25 Lodges, Great Fishing and Hunting and Pristine Wilderness

Perrault Falls Adventure Area Wildlife

The one thing in the PERRAULT FALLS ADVENTURE AREA that does not get enough press is its diverse and abundant wildlife. We are all so intent on fishing or hunting as much as we can in the limited time we have on vacation, that we take virgin wilderness and it's inhabitants for granted.

We are a summer nesting area for many bird species from bald and golden eagles, the Canadian loon, osprey, down to ducks, geese and woodpeckers of all sizes the ever present hummingbirds, and so much more.

A walk down an old trail or a trip in the boat will serve up a visual mix of beaver, otter, mink, martin, and many smaller creatures. Then of course, what everyone so much appreciates seeing is the abundance of larger animals including bear, moose, deer, and wolves topping off your list of exceptional wildlife. You just don't get this stuff in urban areas, and everyone should get the opportunity to enjoy these magnificent creatures.

In general, we offer one of the last unspoiled natural areas of North America that is accessible for you and your future families to enjoy. Come and experience it for yourself and we're sure you won't do it just once!